World No Tobacco Day 2012 is here! A day without tobacco!

First, let me just say, I have not ever been a smoker. So, you may ask, what gives me the right to tell someone to stop smoking. Well, as a heart attack survivor, I learned I had my own areas of improvement to focus on! I was 44-yearsold (nearly two years ago now) when I dropped from the widow maker heart attack. Fortunately, I was returned to my family – thanks to the research of the American Heart Association! With my heart event in my rear-view mirror, I had my motivator to address my areas of improvement! I knew I never wanted to feel that pain again and I would do anything I could possibly do to reduce the risk of that pain again! Those areas of improvement I needed to address were my poor eating habits, drinking soda all the time and not exercising regularly.

As a very active volunteer for the AHA, I have had the honor and privilege of making some very good friends who are heart event survivors as well. Many of these friends were smokers and had heart attacks. They had their motivator to stop smoking! What might be your motivator to stop smoking?

Check out some reasons to kick the habit! If you are a smoker, please visit this link. If you’re not a smoker, send it to one and support them to stop.

I’m happy to say, all three of my personal areas of improvement were addressed head-on and very successfully. None of them were easy. However, I had some great support from family and friends to encourage me along the way. Some even joined in by changing their habits as well!

Please enlist some family members or friends to help you get through your area(s) of improvement!

Let’s work together to make World No Tobacco Day, every day!


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