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Say OMMMMMM – Meditating may be good for your heart


Meditation may decrease the risk of heart disease, but the key word to remember is “may.”

Research suggests there is a possible modest benefit from various types of “sitting meditation.”

Some types of yoga looked at by researchers were: Samatha; Vipassana (Insight Meditation); Mindful Meditation; Zen Meditation […]

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Heart-damaging effects of sitting too much could be reversed


Getting inactive middle-aged women and men to stick to an aerobic workout may reduce or reverse their risk of heart failure, a new study shows.

Sedentary people — such as those who spend hours sitting while working or lying on the couch while watching TV — are at […]

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Traveling doesn’t have to interrupt your workout routine

Traveling can be stressful, no matter whether it’s for work or pleasure. Between making sure you get there and get back, making time for to exercise might be down on the to-do list. But it doesn’t have to be, nor should it be.

Here are some ways to squeeze in […]

Heart-healthy DIY workout solutions

Finally, autumn is here! While we say goodbye to bikini season, fall is a great time to reinvigorate your workout schedule. Personally, I love going for a jog or hitting the gym this time of year. But gym memberships, new jogging shoes and updating your workout playlist can really […]

Heart healthy beyond the borders

You already know that we’re passionate about spreading the message of heart health awareness across the country. But who says we can’t be over-achievers? Heart disease knows no bounds and neither do we! Recently Hawaii Youth Market Director Jason Harris helped expand our Jump Rope for Heart program into […]

Simple Science @Heart: Yoga improves balance, quality of life for stroke survivors

New research shows that yoga class twice a week can improve stroke survivors’ quality of life and balance.

Balance problems often plague stroke survivors and can lead to greater disability and a higher chance of falls. The researchers found that survivors taking yoga were more independent and less afraid of […]

Sweating in Style

Do you exercise to feel frumpy, worn in and comfy?

Probably not. We exercise for lots of reasons: to lower our cholesterol or our stroke risk, train for a race or drop a few pounds. That’s the mental opposite of frumpy, worn in and comfy.

Personally, I’d rather feel strong, streamlined […]

Vacationing Heart-healthy

How many people believe vacation to be an excuse to kick back, eat what you want to eat and be decadently lazy?  Maybe you have visions of  warm sun, sand between you toes, a good book and a frosty drink with an umbrella.  Instead of spending seven wonderful days […]