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Watching too much TV may increase risk of dying from blood clots


Spending too much time in front of the tube every day may increase your risk of dying from a blood clot in the lung, according to a Japanese study.

From 1988-90, researchers asked 86,024 people how many hours they spent watching TV. Over the next 19 […]

Too much TV may mean higher risk of early death

Adults who watch TV three hours or more daily may double their risk of premature death compared to those who watch less, according to a new study.

“Television viewing is a major sedentary behavior and there is an increasing trend toward all types of sedentary behaviors,” said Miguel Martinez-Gonzalez, M.D., […]

Becky Comet from The Biggest Loser: This is my story.

Family medical history — before The Biggest Loser, I was running from mine.

Heart disease, heart attacks, high blood pressure, strokes — throw in Type 2 diabetes and you’re looking at my family history. And that was just my parents and my only brother. I was obese, on medication for […]