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Rehab kit helps patients, caregivers navigate stroke recovery


After a stroke, regaining the ability to string words into simple sentences or finally being able to return to work are milestones. In Austin, Texas, speech language pathologists Shelley Adair and Shilpa Shamapant get to regularly witness such achievements.

Like the 36-year-old chemical engineer who is […]

Mexican-Americans may get less intense stroke rehab


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Life after a stroke can be marred by significant impairments, with survivors having to relearn how to speak, walk or carry out day-to-day activities such as cooking and getting dressed. That’s why stroke rehabilitation is recommended to aid the recovery of hundreds of thousands of […]

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STORIES FROM THE HEART: Stroke survivor turned beauty queen raises awareness wherever she goes

Karen Dionne and her fiancé Michael were busy making breakfast one morning in March 2007 when her head started to hurt. Dizziness and extreme exhaustion quickly set in. Then she noticed she couldn’t feel her left foot.

Soon, she couldn’t feel her entire left side.

Michael immediately recognized her classic symptoms: […]