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AHA continues work to limit sugary drink consumption


The American Heart Association will continue supporting taxes and other work to improve people’s health by decreasing sugary drink consumption, the organization said Monday in response to a new study about Big Soda funding nearly 100 health groups.

Daniel G. Aaron, a Boston University medical student, […]

Big Soda, others sue to block Philadelphia soda tax


As it promised to do, the beverage industry filed a lawsuit Wednesday to block Philadelphia’s soda tax.

The American Beverage Association, along with restaurants and some consumers who joined in the suit, contend the city’s tax — to take effect in January — duplicates the state […]

Study: After Berkeley, California, tax, sugary drink consumption is down


After adopting the country’s first tax on sugary drinks, consumers in Berkeley, California, are drinking 21 percent less of these beverages, according to a new study released Tuesday.

At the same time, consumption of water in the city increased by 63 percent, compared with a 19 […]

Philadelphia win puts sugary drinks in crosshairs nationwide


Philadelphia on Thursday became the largest, and only the second, U.S. city to tax soda and other sugary drinks despite a multimillion-dollar effort by the beverage industry to defeat it. The victory is one that supporters of the tax expect will provide a model for […]

Berkeley, California, passes historic sweetened-drink tax

Voters made history Tuesday in Berkeley, California, by imposing a per-ounce tax on sodas and other sweetened beverages – a result welcomed by proponents as a breakthrough in the fight against America’s obesity epidemic.

San Francisco also had a measure on the ballot, but it did not pass by the […]

State initiatives and recent developments involving sugar-sweetened beverages

Some state initiatives and recent developments involving sugar-sweetened beverages:

The California Senate in early June passed a “Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Safety Warning Act,” which would require a warning label on bottles and cans of sugar-sweetened drinks sold in the state that contain 75 calories or more per 12 fluid ounces.
The Los […]

Soda debate bubbling across the country

In an attempt to reverse the obesity epidemic, lawmakers and health officials across the nation are considering new laws and taxes.

Legislation in California calls for the nation’s first warning labels on sugary drinks. A soda tax is being debated in Illinois, and New York City’s 2012 efforts to ban […]

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