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Fort Worth residents target workplace smoking


The image of a smoked-filled bar might sound like a thing of the past, but in Fort Worth, Texas, there’s still a fight to clear the air in workplaces and public places.

Texas has no statewide indoor smoking law for bars, restaurants, private workplaces or government […]

American Heart Association won’t return to Orlando unless smoking laws change


The American Heart Association won’t be holding any conventions in Orlando or any other city without comprehensive smoke-free laws.

The AHA’s new policy begins next year and requires any host cities for the association’s conventions to prohibit smoking in bars. The previous policy — passed in […]

Tobacco use could kill 1.5 million in India by 2020, report says

Despite numerous smoke-free and anti-tobacco laws, India tobacco controls are not being well implemented, says an international report released on Thursday.

The result is that the ravages of tobacco could kill 1.5 million in India each year by 2020, if more people don’t kick the habit, said the report released Thursday by […]

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Smoke-free laws don’t hurt restaurant and bar revenue, CDC says

Smoke-free laws have no significant economic impact on restaurants and bars, according to a study funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

In West Virginia, smoke-free laws were associated with a significant increase of approximately 1 percent  in restaurant employment, the study reported. In the remaining eight states, […]