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FDA pushes back nutrition label compliance deadline


New requirements for the nutrition facts label that appears on packaged foods and drinks was delayed Tuesday, allowing food companies more time to implement the changes.

The labels were redesigned to make it easier for consumers to see how many calories and added sugars are in […]

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Study finds kids’ meals not improving much despite initiative


Parents frustrated with a barrage of unhealthy meal choices for their children when dining out were supposed to get a hand when the National Restaurant Association started an initiative six years ago to help cut calories, fat and sugar in kids’ meals.

But a recent report […]

New York campaign highlights menu sodium warnings, while court weighs legality


By now, they are a common sight on chain restaurant menus found throughout New York City.

The little salt shaker inside the black triangle serves as a warning to consumers about how much sodium the entrée contains.

The city’s health department says the warnings are doing restaurant […]

Too much sodium on restaurant menus

Restaurant fare is notorious for being loaded with sodium. Now a new study finds restaurants are also serving up very sodium-dense foods.

The results, published Thursday in the Journal of Food Composition and Analysis, showed that regular menu items had an average of 2,196 milligrams of sodium per 1,000 calories […]

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Dining out on a low sodium diet

 The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends that you consume no more than 1500 milligrams of sodium per day.  This can be difficult to achieve if you eat out regularly.  Americans get more than three-quarters of their sodium intake from processed and prepared foods, including restaurant foods.  The Center for […]