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Funding for medical research affects all

Investing more funds in medical research has been shown to improve patient care and help the economy.

So why is more not being done?

That’s what scientists, patients and advocates are asking, but the answer is complicated.

The 2008 economic downturn had a negative effect on everyone’s funding, although science lagged  behind other […]

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FDA plan hopes to close health care disparity gap

The  Food and Drug Administration’s plan to increase the participation of women, minorities and the elderly in research trials was applauded Wednesday by four health care organizations as an important step toward closing the health care disparities gap. The groups called on the agency to implement the plan swiftly.

The […]

AHA experts reiterate importance of limiting saturated fats


Some studies say the saturated fats found in butter, fatty meats and other animal products have no effect on whether you get heart disease. Other studies say the science undeniably proves a connection between the two.

So, which should you believe? Nutrition experts with the American […]

About 18,000 attendees come to Dallas for Scientific Sessions 2013

Roughly 20 years ago, a newly minted doctor from the University of Massachusetts Medical School roamed the halls of Scientific Sessions for the first time.

He absorbed lectures about his specialty, interventional cardiology. He befriended peers and leaders from his field and others. He enjoyed it all so much that […]

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National Institutes of Health’s budget cuts impacting research

Representatives of about 170 research organizations will meet with House and Senate offices in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday to urge Congress to invest in the National Institutes of Health for the health and economic security of our nation. The event is called a Rally for Medical Research Hill Day, […]

SimpleScience@Heart: The couch is no place for people with heart defects

If you or your child were born with a heart defect, don’t skip out on physical activities.

While some irregular heartbeat conditions may limit what you can do, most people with heart defects can do just about any physical activity. Just be sure to talk to your doctor about what […]

SimpleScience@Heart Stem cell “homing” signal may help treat heart failure patients

In the first human study of its kind, scientists used gene therapy that acts like a “homing” signal for stem cells to treat heart failure patients.

The treatment involves injecting a gene for a naturally occurring protein called SDF-1. The protein is secreted by cells and guides the movement of […]

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Simple Science @Heart: Magnetic particles in cells help track heart treatments

Tiny magnetic particles are helping doctors track cells in the body.

With stem cell therapy, doctors can adapt blood cells to fight disease. But it’s hard to tell exactly where cells go and how many go where they are supposed to. Safely tracking them with magnets would help scientists better […]

It’s American Stroke Month – Do you know the signs?

Brain researcher, Jill Bolte Taylor watched as her brain functions – motions, speech, self-awareness – shut down one by one as she had a massive stroke. Watch her astonishing story:

Did you know that a stroke occurs every 40 seconds? It’s the No. 4 cause of death and No. 1 […]

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