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Sunnier outlook may translate into a healthy heart for Hispanics, Latinos


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Maria Hernandez was miserable when she was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. She didn’t understand how to manage the disease and thought it was a death sentence. Her frustration motivated her daughter, Rosalba, then a public health graduate student, to look at how […]

Optimistic people and healthier hearts may be linked, study finds


Optimism and cardiovascular health may be linked, according to a study presented Friday.

Researchers analyzed a study of 4,960 Hispanic/Latino adults, ages 18 to 75 years. An optimism score was calculated that ranged from six to 24, with higher scores indicating greater levels of optimism. Using […]

Optimism could be a tool in heart failure prevention

A happy heart may be a healthy heart, at least for older people at the risk of developing heart failure.

Researchers followed 6,808 people enrolled in the Health and Retirement Study, a nationally representative study of older U.S adults, for four years.

According to their study released Tuesday in Circulation: Heart Failure, higher […]

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