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NIH shaping the brains of a new generation by teaching how the brain works


The exhibit is not for the squeamish.

Students visiting the National Institutes of Health Brain Lobe-oratorium, an interactive exhibit created to teach students about how various lobes of the human brain work, were invited to touch a real, preserved human brain.

There were a few holdouts in […]

NIH funding a win, highlights unpredictable nature


After years of budget cuts or increases that did not keep pace with medical research inflation, the National Institutes of Health has received a $2 billion increase in federal funding for Fiscal Year 2016.

The nearly 7 percent increase over last year’s funding and the largest […]

Clinical trial results could be made public

A proposal to open the results of clinical trials to the public is an encouraging move toward transparency, but the American Heart Association President cautions that how that information is shared and how patients and clinicians are protected from mistakes should be a key part of any change.

The Department […]

Obese children quadruple their risk of high blood pressure

Obese children quadruple their risk and overweight children double their risk of developing high blood pressure in adulthood, according to a study presented at the American Heart Association High Blood Pressure Research Scientific Sessions 2013.

Researchers tracked the growth and blood pressure of 1,117 healthy adolescents from Indianapolis for 27 […]