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Barry Walk, a little boy through and through


When Barry Walk III was 2 months old, he seemed like a happy, healthy baby. Then one morning, he wasn’t interested in eating. He was lethargic and his coloring was off.

Doctors in Erie, Pennsylvania, life-flighted the infant to Pittsburgh, where specialists found that Barry’s heart […]

Dance is Why for Gianna Schupler


Most people view dance as an activity or a way to socialize at parties.

But to some, dance is everything.

Fourteen-year-old Gianna Schupler started dancing in first grade and fell in love. Her passion for dance was so strong that she would train long hours perfecting her […]

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Life is Why: The American Heart Association

Survivors of heart disease, stroke and other cardiovascular diseases gathered at the 2014 Faces of Heart Fest event in Nashville, Tennessee, to celebrate and share their progress with family and friends.

Many families with children affected by congenital heart defects were present since Nashville was the pilot site for the children’s […]

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Rowing toward new adventures without limits

When  Jacksonville University and Brooks Rehabilitation decided to found an adaptive sports rowing and recreation program in Jacksonville, Florida, the goal was to teach people how to row and take advantage of the St. John’s River.

It became so much more.

Jim Mitchell, director of rowing/head women’s rowing coach at Jacksonville […]

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Love and family support helped Chuck Frank after his stroke

They found Chuck Frank on the floor of the hospital bathroom.

“That’s when I had what I call ‘the big one’ that took everything,” he said of his stroke.

It was the love and support of his family that helped him through.

“Love keeps us going,” said Julie, his wife. “We have […]

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Shannon Cockrell’s daughter has been her Why since the day she was born

After delivering her baby, Morgan, Shannon Cockrell waited for her to come from the nursery.

Instead, the new mother was met by the doctor bringing information about Tetralogy of Fallot, a congenital heart defect that features four distinct heart problems: a hole between the lower chambers of the heart, an […]

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American Heart Association and American Stroke Association: ‘Life is why’

School behavioral specialist Carla Leonard had her hand on her heart during the Pledge of Allegiance when a heart attack nearly killed her. Her doctor didn’t mince words with her family afterward: “If I didn’t have surgery, they should pick out a dress for my funeral,” she said. “Plain […]