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Blake’s Story – A Break

The next two years was relatively uneventful for Blake’s heart.  We had the opportunity to live like a normal family with fun and adventures.  Looking back, I feel like we tried to cram everything awesome into every minute (and if I’m being honest with myself I still do that).  […]

Blake’s Story – Altered Reality

After we returned home we had to figure out what our new normal was.  We had a healthy, active two-year-old, and a delicate heart baby.
We knew immediately that we wanted to give Blake as ‘normal’ of a life as possible, but we also didn’t want to be careless or […]

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Blake’s Story – First Surgery: The Norwood

Timeline of 1st Surgery

5:30 AM – MRI

6:20 AM – Begin neurological brain monitoring for clinical trial

10 AM – Surgery Begins

11:40 AM – 1st update from doctors: the first hour and a half was spent prepping him for surgery

1 PM – 2nd update from doctors: he is on heart-lung bypass […]

Blake’s Story: Shock

William “Blake” Galligan joined our family at 6:10 AM on Tuesday, April 29, 2008. Born at 35 weeks, he was a beautiful and sweet boy; we were so lucky to welcome him to our family.

On April 30, at one day old, Blake was diagnosed with a rare heart condition […]