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New York law requiring Pulse Oximetry testing for all newborns begins in January

Kelsey Thomas thought the nurses had forgotten about her. At 2:15 a.m., she had asked them to bring her newborn son Jacob to her hospital room, and 30 minutes later she called again. When the nurse practitioner arrived, Jacob wasn’t with her.

Jacob had begun to turn blue, so he […]

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Blake’s Story – Altered Reality

After we returned home we had to figure out what our new normal was.  We had a healthy, active two-year-old, and a delicate heart baby.
We knew immediately that we wanted to give Blake as ‘normal’ of a life as possible, but we also didn’t want to be careless or […]

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Blake’s Story – First Surgery: The Norwood

Timeline of 1st Surgery

5:30 AM – MRI

6:20 AM – Begin neurological brain monitoring for clinical trial

10 AM – Surgery Begins

11:40 AM – 1st update from doctors: the first hour and a half was spent prepping him for surgery

1 PM – 2nd update from doctors: he is on heart-lung bypass […]

Blake’s Story: Shock

William “Blake” Galligan joined our family at 6:10 AM on Tuesday, April 29, 2008. Born at 35 weeks, he was a beautiful and sweet boy; we were so lucky to welcome him to our family.

On April 30, at one day old, Blake was diagnosed with a rare heart condition […]

Olympian, Dana Vollmer visits our Bay Area Office!

You already know we’re all about heart-health. So, it makes sense that we were avid television watchers during the Olympic games. Now, when I say watchers – we hosted watching parties, complete with lots of fruits and veggies and a house full of screaming and cheering friends.

Of course we […]