American Heart Association

Tomaselli honored for decades of research, patient care


Gordon Tomaselli was in his first year of medical residency when his mom went into cardiac arrest on her way to a doctor’s visit.

She had been living with heart failure, breathless even from walking or bathing, when her heart stopped beating that day in 1985. […]

Healthcare attorney: ‘It’s not your grandmother’s AHA’


Even though Bill Roach was the oldest guy in his Chicago Fire Department EMT certification class in early 2002, the then-58-year-old healthcare attorney dove into volunteering on the busiest rig on the city’s tough west side.

It was shortly after Sept. 11. Roach wanted to do […]

Cardiologist focuses on patients, and on research to help them


The Bosnian woman with dark hair and penetrating eyes showed up several times in the ER with chest pain and was desperate for help.

She was referred to cardiology clinic, but the puzzling part was that the chest pain didn’t seem like a heart problem. Finally, […]

Yancy’s ‘compellingly rewarding’ devotion to AHA has benefitted him, organization and all Americans

A few months into his cardiology fellowship, Clyde Yancy was asked by the head of his division to speak to the local American Heart Association office about women and heart disease.

It wasn’t his specialty, but he learned enough to enlighten the others. The speech went so well that he […]

Meltzer came to the AHA as a way to meet people; it turned out to be ‘almost like a calling’

Neil Meltzer grew up knowing exactly what he wanted to do with his life. He was going to save the world.

Seriously, that’s how he describes his longtime aim of making the world a healthier place.

His dream job was with the World Health Organization. He pursued it by getting a […]