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What we know so far from the biggest study of cardiovascular health in African-Americans


Montoya Taylor, M.D., attended medical school at Brown University in the mid-2000s and heard a lot about an influential study in the small town of Framingham, Massachusetts. Now spanning three generations of mostly white participants, the Framingham Heart Study is largely responsible for the current […]

Prevention is at the heart of his work


When a longtime patient started experiencing dangerously high blood pressure, Donald Lloyd-Jones, M.D., asked about her dietary habits, which included a daily bowl of soup from a chain restaurant.

He asked her to try a more sodium friendly option. Her blood pressure dramatically dropped — without […]

New collaboration expanding science of world-renowned heart studies

A new collaborative research relationship between the American Heart Association, the University of Mississippi and Boston University, representing a bold vision for cardiovascular population science, was announced Sunday during the American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions.

The collaboration has a vision of greatly expanding important population studies by adding more research subjects, […]

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Research goes high-tech to fight heart disease and stroke

The American Heart Association is teaming up with researchers from the University of California-San Francisco to create a digitally based research network to study heart disease and stroke.

The Health eHeart Study will  use technology, such as smartphones and computers, to track people’s health and habits over many years.. The […]

National Institutes of Health’s budget cuts impacting research

Representatives of about 170 research organizations will meet with House and Senate offices in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday to urge Congress to invest in the National Institutes of Health for the health and economic security of our nation. The event is called a Rally for Medical Research Hill Day, […]