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For HIV patients at risk for heart disease and stroke, good preventive care may be hard to come by


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Rob Quinn suspected something was wrong when he started to feel out of breath. He was in his mid-50s and in relatively good health. But he knew breathing problems could be a sign of heart disease, which his father had died from years […]

Peritos en EE UU recomiendan presión arterial más baja para adultos mayores


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ANAHEIM, California — Según nuevas guías para práctica clínica redactadas por científicos y médicos, el riesgo de infartos, de ataques cerebrales y de muertes se puede reducir en adultos mayores de 65 años con presión arterial alta si se les da el mismo […]

¿Qué es una guía de práctica clínica y cómo se elabora?


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Para determinar cómo darle el mejor tratamiento a un paciente, los proveedores de servicios de salud habitualmente consultan documentos llamados guías de práctica clínica.

Ocasionalmente –como se espera que ocurra el lunes, cuando se presentarán la nueva guía de práctica clínica para tratar la […]

Más infartos después del huracán Katrina y otros desastres naturales


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Varios meses después del huracán Katrina que devastó la ciudad en agosto 2005, un grupo jóvenes cardiólogos en Nueva Orleans tuvieron un presentimiento: parecía que atendían a más pacientes por infarto en la sala de emergencia del Tulane Medical Center, comparado con los […]

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Ideal heart health not only impacts heart, but also future ability to function

Cardiovascular health impacts how well people function in the years to come, even if they’ve not had a stroke or heart attack, according to research at the American Stroke Association’s International Stroke Conference 2015.

Researchers studied more than 3,200 adults in Northern Manhattan, looking for indicators of “ideal cardiovascular health […]

World Heart Day – building a global culture of health to reduce death from cardiovascular disease

International leaders are being urged to recognize the global threat of cardiovascular disease and prioritize healthier environments where people work, live and play as part of the focus of this year’s World Heart Day.

The day, created in 2000 to draw attention to cardiovascular health, is held annually on Sept. […]

AHA says better network access standards needed for health plans

A new study released today by the American Heart Association on the inclusion of cardiovascular and stroke providers by exchange health plans reveals that access to specialty physicians and facilities can vary widely based on a consumer’s plan and location.

The association commissioned the study, conducted by Avalere Health, to […]

Blacks, women face greater burden from CVD risk factors

The impact of major cardiovascular risk factors combined is greater in women than men and in blacks than whites. While the gender gap may be narrowing, differences by race may be increasing, according to new research in the American Heart Association journal Circulation.

“We’ve been targeting traditional risk factors in […]

Study backs guidelines: People with hypertension should get top number below 140

A study published in JAMA Internal Medicine confirms what treatment guidelines currently recommend — people with high blood pressure should get their top number below 140.

Getting that top number, called the systolic blood pressure, under 120, however, does not provide additional health benefits, according to the study published in […]

Study shows women do worse than men after heart attack

Women age 55 and younger may fare worse than men after having a heart attack, according to new research presented at the American Heart Association’s Quality of Care and Outcomes Research Scientific Sessions 2014.

“Previous studies show young women have a greater burden of pre-existing risk factors,” said Rachel P. […]