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Hispanics born outside U.S. more likely to die from cardiovascular diseases


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Hispanics born abroad who now live in the United States have higher odds of dying from cardiovascular diseases than U.S.-born Hispanics, a new study shows.

The findings suggest Hispanics born outside the United States — who make up about a third of all U.S. Hispanics […]

Wanted: More Hispanic and Latino heart doctors


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Tony Urey, M.D., went into medicine for the same reason many of his medical school friends did: to give their low-income Hispanic and Latino communities better health care. Many of those students became family doctors, but Urey decided to specialize in the heart.

The […]

Yancy’s ‘compellingly rewarding’ devotion to AHA has benefitted him, organization and all Americans

A few months into his cardiology fellowship, Clyde Yancy was asked by the head of his division to speak to the local American Heart Association office about women and heart disease.

It wasn’t his specialty, but he learned enough to enlighten the others. The speech went so well that he […]

TV personality Star Jones recounts personal health journey

Star Jones is a successful attorney, author, TV personality and American Heart Association National Volunteer. A decade ago, she was also obese, stressed out, and wondering what to do about it.

“I was the one who went from sexy and full figured to sloppy and fat,” she said Thursday at […]