American Heart Association

Life-saving AEDs often in locked buildings when needed


Most public automated external defibrillators are in buildings that aren’t open 24 hours. As a result, bystanders who are near AEDs don’t have access to the life-saving defibrillators in 21 percent of out-of-hospital cardiac arrests, according to a study presented at the American Heart Association’s […]

Delaware adds CPR to school health curriculum

High school students in Delaware will learn how to perform CPR as part of their graduation requirements under a curriculum change recently adopted by the state’s Board of Education.

The move makes Delaware the 20th state requiring CPR training as a high school graduation requisite and will mean nearly 8,500 […]

Utah joins states requiring CPR for high school graduation

Utah has become the 18th state to require high school students to take CPR training, adding to the more than one million graduates who will be equipped with this lifesaving skill every year.

Gov. Gary Herbert signed legislation into law in April that allocated $200,000 a year for hands-on CPR […]