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Congenital heart defect survivor overcomes anxiety as an adult


As with most Saturdays, Michael King was on the basketball court refereeing another game in 2011 when he started feeling hot and tired. He stepped outside for some fresh air. A friend went to check on him but couldn’t find a pulse, even though King […]

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STORIES FROM THE HEART: ‘Courageous Katherine’ thrives on helping fellow heart patients

In her 13 years, Katherine Schroeder has undergone 15 surgeries or other procedures on her heart. And she still faces a lifetime of medical interventions to keep her heart running.
Persevering is tough. Persevering with a good attitude is even tougher.

That’s why this eighth-grader from Canton, Ohio, is so remarkable.

Katherine […]

STORIES FROM THE HEART: Heart disease survivor puts focus on health, giving back

It was over 100 degrees in Orange County, Calif., and Gary Stover was in the stands watching his son’s soccer team advance through a tournament.

After the second round of games, Gary’s belly started to hurt. He sat down to rest, and ended up passing out. Gary had a heart […]