Originally published: June 5, 2017

Soda Tax Momentum


Seattle’s city council on Monday passed a 1.75-cents-an-ounce tax on sugar-loaded drinks. It becomes the ninth area in the nation to tax soda, joining the California cities of Berkeley, Oakland, San Francisco and Albany, as well as Chicago’s Cook County, the Navajo Nation and Philadelphia.


Seattle, Washington

Population: 704,352

Passed: 2017

The Seattle City Council adopted a 1.75-cents-per-ounce tax on sugary drinks and sodas.


Berkeley, California

Population: 120,972

Passed: 2014

Tax collection began in 2015, raising more than $2 million so far in new revenue.


San Francisco, California

Population: 864,816

Passed: 2016

Vote on penny-per-ounce tax:

For: 237,168 (62%)

Against: 142,347 (38%)


Oakland, California

Population: 419,267

Passed: 2016

Vote on penny-per-ounce tax:

For: 107,405 (61%)

Against: 67,655 (39%)


Albany, California

Population: 19,735

Passed: 2016

Vote on penny-per-ounce tax:

For: 6,282 (72%)

Against: 2,485 (28%)


Navajo Nation

Population: 180,462

Passed: 2014

The country’s largest tribal reservation began collecting a 2 percent “junk food” tax in April 2015 that includes sugary drinks.


Boulder, Colorado

Population: 107,349

Passed: 2016

Vote on 2-cents-per-ounce tax:

For: 32,767 (54%)

Against: 28,021 (46%)


Cook County (Chicago)

Population: 5.24 million

Passed: 2016

The Cook County Board of Commissioners voted to pass a budget with a penny-per-ounce tax.


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Population: 1.57 million

Passed: 2016

The tax is being challenged in court by the beverage industry. The city expects to collect more than $90 million over a full year of the beverage tax.


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