Is sex OK after a heart attack? Yes. And women wish their doctors would say so.

In a small study, researchers found that many women who’d recovered from a heart attack would overcome their fear of resuming sexual activity if their doctor would give them more information. They’d also like for the doctors to bring up the subject.

Of the few study participants who talked about this with their doctors, most initiated the discussion and were not happy with the quality of information they received.

Cardiologists could ease concerns about sex after a heart attack if they talked openly with their patients – and their partners – about what to expect. These conversations should start while a woman is still in the hospital, and continue through their recovery.

Many women, despite fears of another heart attack or dying, started having sex a month after their heart attack. The American Heart Association says most people can continue their same pattern of sexual activity after they recover from a heart attack, but it should be discussed with your doctor. 


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