The average American has at least four of the seven major factors that compromise their heart health, according to a new study.

The American Heart Association defines ideal heart health as optimal levels of seven factors: blood pressure, total cholesterol, smoking, body mass index, diabetes, physical activity and healthy diet.

Research shows that only about 3 percent of Americans were in ideal heart health. The numbers also varied greatly from state to state. The highest percentages were found in Washington, D.C., Vermont and Virginia, while the lowest percentages were found in Oklahoma, West Virginia and Mississippi.

Heart disease is the No. 1 killer of Americans, both of men and of women. The American Heart Association is working to improve the cardiovascular health of all Americans by 20 percent, and to reduce deaths from cardiovascular diseases by 20 percent, by the year 2020. This data may help officials in each state better target their efforts.

Check out the complete list to see how heart healthy your state is!


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