Nancy Capelle

As an emergency medical technician and CPR trainer, Nancy Capelle helps save lives.

Not long ago, she was the one in need of emergency care.

A week after turning 40, and only hours after running a 5-kilometer race, Nancy went into cardiac arrest in her kitchen. An irregular heartbeat and a blockage left her dead for about 30 seconds. Paramedics revived her, and she’s back to full strength.

Nancy  and her husband later donated a chest compression system to the hospital, and she began volunteering with the American Heart Association. She left a high-stress job and became an EMT with the Wilton (Conn.) Volunteer Ambulance Corps, and has started a business, Cardiac Companion, to teach basic lifesaving skills such as CPR and use of automated external defibrillators (AEDs).

“I’m dedicating the second part of my life to saving lives,” she said.

 Your donation to the American Heart Association can help save and improve more lives. Donations help fund lifesaving research, education and training, all the factors that helped give Nancy’s story a happy ending.