A musical tribute for musician Kenneth Carter was held Monday at the Dallas headquarters for the American Heart Association as part of a ceremony donating his one-handed saxophone.

David Nabb, professor of music at the University of Nebraska Kearney, played the specialty instrument as part of the instrument’s presentation.

Carter, who died last year, volunteered for the AHA since 1995, inspiring  others by playing the saxophone with his left arm after losing the use of his right arm to stroke.

His saxophone always came with him, leading to performances at venues of all sizes. He performed in front of small gatherings of stroke survivors and before groups of health professionals. He had a few stints playing the National Anthem at several Kansas City Royals baseball games.

“He wanted to show everyone that you can will yourself to do almost anything,” his daughter Pamela Carter said at the time of his death. “He always pushed himself to be an example for other stroke victims.”

Photo courtesy Pamela Carter