House Speaker Paul Ryan pulled legislation to repeal the Affordable Care Act from consideration on the House floor Friday, leaving the law sometimes referred to as “Obamacare” in place indefinitely.

After a closed-door meeting Friday afternoon with the Republican conference to disclose plans to pull the bill known as the American Health Care Act, Ryan told reporters: “We came up short” and that the Affordable Care Act will remain the “law of the land … for the foreseeable future.”

Many Republican lawmakers and President Donald Trump campaigned heavily on a promise to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.

Ryan called the outcome “disappointing,” and said House Republicans “will need to time to reflect on how we got to this moment.”

President Trump commended GOP lawmakers for their work on the bill. “We were very close,” he said. Trump also noted he would be “open” to renegotiating healthcare reform in the future.

On Thursday, American Heart Association CEO Nancy Brown sent a letter to Ryan and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi expressing the AHA’s opposition to the GOP’s proposed replacement plan.

She noted the bill as written would reduce coverage for millions, make health care less affordable, weaken health care programs and undermine efforts to prevent disease.