Illustration of idea and One Brave Idea Logo

The leader of a new research team that will be awarded $75 million to take a non-traditional approach to wiping out coronary heart disease will be announced on Wednesday by the organizations behind the project – the American Heart Association, Verily (formerly Google Life Sciences) and pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca.

The winner of the prize known as “One Brave Idea” will be announced live on YouTube on Wednesday at 1:30 p.m. CDT from Verily headquarters in San Francisco.

“We hope you’ll join us for this special event as we introduce you to the winner and their vision,” said AHA Chief Executive Nancy Brown.

The concept began in June 2015 when Brown and Verily CEO Andy Conrad were discussing the need for an alternative approach to heart disease, the nation’s No. 1 killer. Each organization posted $25 million in hopes of luring the most innovative approach possible, and AstraZeneca later added its support.

The project was announced in November, then applications were accepted over 30 days in January and February. A total of 349 entries arrived from 22 countries. A panel of leaders from the funders asked 26 candidates to provide more details. Then 10 finalists were invited to make a one-hour presentation at Verily’s headquarters in San Francisco.