James Weyhenmeyer

LOS ANGELES – The Henrietta B. and Frederick H. Bugher Foundation, one of the nation’s leading funders of stroke research, announced Wednesday the creation of an award honoring a longtime trustee that will fund innovative investigators.

The inaugural prize went to James Weyhenmeyer, the vice president for research and economic development at Georgia State University. Weyhenmeyer and Trustees will select a researcher who will receive a portion of the $675,000 to fund a research project. The remaining funds will be awarded to other researchers over five years.

The “Bugher-American Heart Association Dan Adams Thinking Outside The Box Award” was unveiled at the International Stroke Conference during a reception held in memory of Adams, a longtime Bugher Trustee who was instrumental in the foundation’s support of stroke.

Weyhenmeyer is chairman of the Oversight Advisory Group for the American Stroke Association-Bugher Foundation Stroke Centers of Excellence, a $9.65 million, four-year project that involves teams of researchers at UCLA, the University of Colorado at Denver and the University of Miami. The scientists are working together on a broad range of issues – including stroke in children, rehabilitation and recovery, neuropsychology and cognition – in a collaborative format championed by Adams. Weyhenmeyer held a similar role on a Bugher-ASA project featuring labs at California-Davis/San Francisco, Duke and Harvard.

Adams is the son of Nelson Adams, a lawyer who helped set up the Bugher Foundation in 1961. The foundation began working with the American Heart Association in the mid-1980s and a decade later Dan Adams joined his father as a trustee.

Dan Adams, whose career was in advertising and branding, helped champion the foundation’s focus on funding stroke research. He blended his professional expertise and his stroke knowledge to help the AHA/ASA develop branding and focus for stroke campaigns.

His sons Bryan and Bruce are Bugher Trustees, alongside Gayllis Ward, who served many years with Dan Adams.

The Bugher Foundation has funded over $36 million in heart and stroke studies overseen by the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association, making the foundation among the AHA’s most generous research donors.