What’s better than a romp in the park, a scratch behind the ears or snaring a Frisbee in the back yard? It’s National Dog Week, which makes it the perfect time to include your dog in your active life style.

The easiest way to show some appreciation for the furriest members of your family is to include them on a stroll around the neighborhood. My dog loves going on walks. Although he’s less keen on walking and more prone to bursts of arm-wrenching speed followed by several long minutes of sniffing one (apparently) delicious spot while I wait patiently for him to proceed.  Never the less, we have a good time barking at squirrels, greeting the neighbors and investigating the occasional bush. It’s a fun an easy way both of us to add a little heart-healthy activity to our day.


If you include your dog in your fitness routine you may find that he is the best workout buddy ever! His energy and excitement will add a little pep to your step, and his company will keep you entertained and moving. I’ve found that I am always the first one ready to call it a day. While my dog is practically begging for just one more mile before we hang up the leash and head inside. He’s more than willing to motivate, encourage, and even do the workouts with me. He’s essentially my very own fluffy, four-legged personal trainer… and he only charges a couple of bowls of kibble per day!


A great way to get the whole family involved is to head to the dog park. Fido will get a kick out of chasing tennis balls and romping with the kids, while you’ll enjoy the active family time and better heart health. Play fetch, tug-o-war, and just run around with your pet. They appreciate being included in the family fun and you might find yourself upping your activity level just to keep up!


How will you appreciate your pooch this week? We’d love to hear your ideas for incorporating your pets into your active life style!