I love October. Not for the cooler weather, the changing leaves or the costume parties– I love October for the baseball! The most exciting weeks of the nation’s past-time begin as the 2012 MLB post season kicks off today!

I come from a family of baseball fanatics. The kind that collectively scream at the TV, have heated debates over pitching lineups, and can spit out stats faster than most sports commentators.  While I’m no sports guru, I’ve learned that baseball is a game of numbers. There are enough batting averages, ERA’s and RBI’s across the league to make even a mathematician’s head spin. What’s amazing about this time of year is that avid baseball fans seem to have these stats memorized! Any serious fan will tell you that the numbers are important to the game, and knowing the numbers, a way of life.

But what about our own numbers? While a lot of people might be able to tell you the standings for the MLB divisions, most of us have no idea where we stand with our own heart health. It’s important to keep up with blood pressure, cholesterol and other health scores to keep our bodies strong and our hearts off the bench.  As the pinnacle of America’s past-time approaches, it’s the perfect time take a look at our own heart healthy stats!

Check out the American Heart Association’s roster of heart healthy goals!

Consult the coach. The easiest way to manage your heart health is to have a chat with your doctor. The next time you head in for a checkup, talk to your doctor about your numbers. It’s important to know where you stand and what steps you can take to improve your heart health.

If you’re battling high numbers, try making simple changes to your diet. Good nutrition can go a long way. Try swapping high sodium potato chips for carrot sticks for your pre-game snack tonight or opting for water instead of soda!

Keep calm. High stress can make your blood pressure boil over. Try to plan ahead and stay organized at work to keep stress levels low. When you’re watching the game, give the umpires a break. Shouting about that botched call until you’re blue in the face is no way to relax.

Don’t just sit on the couch this playoff season, get in the game! Play catch with the kids or take batting practice in the backyard to add a little heart healthy activity to your day. Getting 30 minutes of physical activity at least five times a week is a great way to help manage your health and get your numbers under control.

Who are you rooting for this post-season? Leave us a comment below with your tips for getting your numbers under control. We’d love to hear from you!