The holidays don’t have to be filled with unhealthy foods.  You can create new traditions by preparing recipes from the American Heart Association’s Simple Cooking with Heart program.

Consider roasted turkey with butternut squash and asparagus, or one of the other simple, heart-healthy recipes offered. 

The best news?  You don’t need years of training to prepare these recipes because they’re designed to be simple. 

The website provides brief videos that walk you through basic food preparation techniques like slicing, dicing, peeling, chopping and butterflying. There are also suggestions for involving your kids, and tips on stocking your kitchen with healthy foods and healthy food preparation. 

Not cooking at home is a major factor in the nation’s obesity crisis — two of every three American adults is overweight or obese, according to the American Heart Association.

By cooking these simple meals at home, you get to pick the healthy ingredients that go into your recipes, and control portion sizes, calories, sodium and fat (not to mention your budget). 

Bon Apetit!