Hello out there! I’m Krisleigh from the American Heart Association | American Stroke Association. I’m one of the many people behind the scenes who already listen to you and converse with you every day on our Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, Google+ feeds and YouTube channels. I’ve probably re-pinned something from you on Pinterest, too.

Every day, you mention us hundreds of times on your blogs and out in social media – telling recounts of heart and stroke experiences or how you’re trying to help your family live healthier. We’ve been touched by your stories and what you have to say. We’d love to be a part of your conversation, if you’ll have us.

So, it makes sense that we would be here too.

There are a few things you can look forward to: We have some great staff and volunteers who will will talk about their struggles and triumphs, offer up some heart-healthy thought-starters, answer your questions and we’ll welcome you “behind the curtain” of our organization. More importantly, we’ll keep listening to you and bring a lot of your stories here too.

Please keep talking and sharing – it really is making a difference. After all, you are the reason we’re here. We’re happy to have you in our newest space.