You already know that we’re passionate about spreading the message of heart health awareness across the country. But who says we can’t be over-achievers? Heart disease knows no bounds and neither do we! Recently Hawaii Youth Market Director Jason Harris helped expand our Jump Rope for Heart program into parts of Guam and Japan. We’re thrilled with his international success and hope there’s much more to come!


From Roman Bowser, Western States Affiliate Executive Vice President’s blog:

The AHA is expanding our mission beyond the borders of the United States. Last year, Hawaii Youth Market director Jason Harris worked with affiliate leadership on the idea of expanding our Jump Rope For Heart program into parts of Guam and Japan. After a lot of hard work, he ended the year with five foreign schools completing events. Four Guam schools collectively brought in over $2,400 and a single Japan school raised over $5,400. What an impressive start! Jason hopes to build on this success by expanding further into Department of Defense schools throughout the Pacific (Japan, Guam, Korea) and into other U.S. territories (American Samoa). He has already signed up Seoul American Elementary School in Korea! Jason shared that he has set a lofty goal to triple revenue from foreign schools from $7,898 to $23,700. Way to go, Jason, thank you for your hard work!