Logo of Chideo, The Charity Network

Logo of Chideo, The Charity Network

The American Heart Association is one of the first charities to be involved in Chideo, a new digital platform that allows celebrities to raise money for their favorite charities by offering exclusive videos that fans pay to download.

Chideo users may request new video content or vote on ideas posted by other fans. The average price per download is $1.99, and 80 percent of the proceeds are given to the charity the celebrity represents.

The first celebrity to raise money for the AHA on Chideo is Dot-Marie Jones, a former arm wrestling champion and prolific character actress who portrays Coach Shannon Beiste on the hit TV show Glee.

Examples of questions currently posed to Jones by fans include:
  •  How did you make the transition from athlete to actor?
  •  Take us on the set of Glee,  show us your dressing room and give us a tour and let us meet some of your co-stars in their element.  Maybe even let us sit in on a table read?

Movie and TV actors, professional athletes, musicians and public personalities are involved in the platform.

In addition to being the company’s namesake, the word “chideo” was coined by combining charity and video. It refers to the actual video — a chideo — that a celebrity posts.

Chideo advises celebrities, “Whether you’re giving your fans a personally-guided tour live from the set of your latest movie or answering a few questions while you’re backstage, Chideo makes it easy to use your star power for good.”

Chideo also allows users to donate directly to charities listed on the platform.