It’s final exam week. You have 3 projects due, one exam, an interview at 3 p.m., and your significant other is asking you over tonight to “talk.” You can’t help but stress out, lashing at your parents who are asking when you’ll be home for the holidays, and struggling to focus on anything but landing that A in chemistry.

College can be a stressful time when so much is expected of you. It’s extremely important for college students to take care of their health, especially in times of heavy stress, such as final exam week. To relieve stress, here are a few activities you can incorporate into your daily routine:

1. Exercise: Regular physical activity relieves mental and physical tension. This could be taking a walk across campus, hitting the gym, playing a sport or attending a fitness class, such as Zumba or Yoga. Getting in an exercise routine now will be easier for you to maintain after college.

2. Sleep: it’s no secret college students love naps. Well, take one! There’s a reason they are so popular – it’s a way to relax and depress after a stressful day. College students often do not get the 7-8 hours of sleep at night due to homework deadlines and preparing for exams. Remember that sleep will help your brain be best prepared for that early morning exam.

3. Volunteer – giving back is a great way to relieve stress and help others. Volunteering also helps you refocus.

4. LAUGH! Laughing is not only good for stress; it’s good for the soul. Take time to laugh out loud to a joke, or even just to yourself!

Additionally, the American Heart Association recommends talking with family and friends, giving up bad habits, slowing down, getting organized and trying not to worry. Taking these simple steps with protect you from the harmful effects of stress.

So now, take a break to relax, laugh and enjoy a stress-free life. Namaste!

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~Danielle Krizan