Friends get kids off the couch; the outdoors helps them be more active, study suggests

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Hanging out with friends can make kids less sedentary, but having inviting outdoor spaces and nearby parks can help them be more physically active, according to new research. Both are important for kids’ health, said Tracie Barnett, lead author of a study based on data […]

Exercise could outsmart genetics when it comes to heart disease

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCATION NEWS Exercise, especially cardio fitness, could outweigh genetics when it comes to heart disease, according to new research. The study, published Monday in the journal Circulation, showed strength and cardiorespiratory fitness lowered the risk for heart disease across the board – whether people were categorized with […]

No excuses for three survivors walking to stay fit

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Jerry McCann, Ray Rivera and Taunya Stewart are living proof that there’s no good excuse to avoid physical activity, especially during the American Heart Association’s Move More Month in April. For each of them, becoming more active was a matter of life or death. McCann […]

7 ways to get a workout at work

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS It’s no secret that Americans need to move more. Yet our jobs often require us to sit for eight to 10 hours a day – at home, the office or behind the wheel – often getting up only for lunch and trips to the bathroom. […]

When a college hoops star died of a heart attack, his family got in the game

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS March Madness, the annual college basketball tournament that glues Americans to their TVs and their brackets, is a bittersweet time for the Cornette family. Just 15 years ago Joel and Jordan, brothers and best friends, were stars on teams that advanced to the Sweet 16. […]

Eat healthy, exercise, sleep enough to manage stress

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS With income tax time fast approaching and spring school and work activities dominating daily life, stress can creep in. How you respond to that stress makes a difference in your mental and physical health. Excessive stress can lead to emotional and physical symptoms, such as […]

Liftoff: Astronauts need extra exercise and calories in space

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS It takes physical activity to stay heart-healthy on Earth and even more to stay healthy in space. The lack of gravity in space causes hearts to slightly expand and work differently, said NASA astronaut and geophysicist A.J. “Drew” Feustel, who is scheduled to take off […]

Put a spring in your step. The season brings opportunities to reboot, refocus on health

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Spring is a time of renewal, a time for house cleaning, gardening and planning a trip to reboot from winter. But it’s also an opportunity to get back on track with physical activity and improve your overall approach to health. Here are four ways to […]

Brrrr-ing on the healthy tips for the rest of winter

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS It’s been a brutal winter across much of the country, and if you’re not hunkering down just trying to keep warm, you’re likely looking for fun ways to break the cabin fever. Whether you’re braving the elements for sports-watching parties, warm drinks with friends, or […]

Surviving a heart defect to become an American Ninja Warrior

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Molly Hemphill is a congenital heart survivor and recently selected as a competitor on television series “American Ninja Warrior.” She shares her life story and future goals: At 25 years old, my life changed overnight. I was struggling to fall asleep, unsure why, when my […]

Aerobic exercise training can reduce heart failure risk

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS It’s possible to reverse some of the damage caused by all that time sitting on the sofa. Research recently showed that middle-aged couch potatoes who participate in two years of regular aerobic exercise training can improve their risk of heart failure. Study participants – ages […]

7 proven ways to keep your heart healthy

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS It’s officially a very good time to check in on your heart health. February is American Heart Month, designated by the president each year to raise awareness about the importance of cardiovascular fitness. It’s easy to learn about your heart health and how to improve […]

Becoming an Olympian? Probably not. But lifelong fitness is still within reach.

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Lea en español The dedication and athleticism on display during the Winter Olympics is awesome to watch, both as exhilarating entertainment and as a reminder of just how impossible these feats can seem for us mere mortals. But a few of the U.S. Olympic Team’s […]

Things to know: 7 simple steps to a longer, healthier life

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Taking care of yourself can lead to a longer, healthier life. There are seven simple steps that research has shown can make a difference. Each involves making good choices and requires some discipline, but all are doable. Dubbed “Life’s Simple 7” by the American Heart […]

Kids nationwide are running 4 marathons, one lap at a time

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Some students straggle out of winter break suffering from back-to-school blues. But tens of thousands of Marathon Kids are now sprinting into the spring semester with their eye on a goal line that reads “104.8 miles.” That’s the distance students run during a school year […]

Exercise resolution fizzling? These expert tips can help

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Whether you’re just starting a new exercise regime for 2018 or already tinkering with your plan, congratulations – you’re among millions of Americans trying to sweat off the holiday sluggishness. Embarking on a physical activity program is a good goal, health experts say, especially if […]

Study: Unfit U.S. Army recruits may pose threat to military readiness

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Obesity and physical inactivity aren’t just health issues for our country. They’re a threat to national security. That’s the contention of a new study in the Journal of Public Health Management and Practice, and potentially, a way to focus more attention on the need to […]

Heart-damaging effects of sitting too much could be reversed

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Getting inactive middle-aged women and men to stick to an aerobic workout may reduce or reverse their risk of heart failure, a new study shows. Sedentary people — such as those who spend hours sitting while working or lying on the couch while watching TV — are […]

Chicago entrepreneur works to change focus from managing diseases to supporting health

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Growing up, Nyasha Nyamapfene recalls that her family had “more diseases than people.” Poor diet, lack of exercise and other lifestyle factors were the main reasons. “I grew up in a household focused on disease, because that was the norm,” she said. “For many communities […]

Former NFL players found to have larger aortas, but is that dangerous?

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Former NFL players are twice as likely to have enlarged aortas than the general public, according to a new study. But even the researchers admit they’re not sure whether the condition actually poses a health risk to the retired athletes. The study screened former NFL […]

Exercise helps lower risk of death in older women

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Exercising more and at a higher intensity could dramatically lower the risk of death in older women, a new study shows. The study, published Monday in Circulation, is one of the first to investigate physical activity — measured using a wearable device called a triaxial accelerometer — and […]

Young Hispanic-Americans could face a future plagued by health risks

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Lea en español Heart disease and stroke researchers say the writing is on the wall for young Hispanic-Americans. If worrisome health trends continue, they may be sicker than their parents and grandparents when they reach that age — or perhaps sooner. Hispanic-American adults of any […]

Twins who participated in ‘The Biggest Loser’ help each other stay healthy

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Lea en español Luis and Roberto Hernandez shed hundreds of pounds together as contestants on “The Biggest Loser.” Today, they still are working to keep one another on track. They’re each other’s biggest cheerleaders and they also hold each other accountable if they don’t eat […]

Minnesota Vikings join the many NFL players helping kids get healthy

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Minnesota Vikings Everson Griffen and Kyle Rudolph are the latest in a long line of NFL players tackling the issue of children’s health. The players (and plenty of kids) star in a new video released Tuesday as part of the NFL Play 60 Challenge, a nationwide […]

Self-care: What is it and how do you do it?

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Self-care is more important to your overall health than pretty much anything else, and the term is catching fire. But what does it really mean? A new scientific statement issued Thursday by the American Heart Association outlines the importance of self-care in the prevention and […]

New Jersey man pays attention to family history, and lives to tell about it

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Sammy Rabin doesn’t like to brag but, until he learned he needed triple bypass surgery, he’d considered himself “the poster child for good health.” He’d been exercising regularly for 30 years, ate a vegetarian diet and ran marathons. “I did everything I could to stay […]

Bicyclist schools kids in heart health

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS When Chris Figureida leaves Deadhorse, Alaska, on Wednesday on a 3,000-mile bicycle trip to San Diego, he’ll share the lonely road with moose, musk oxen and the occasional grizzly bear. Yet some of his best adventures will take place indoors. Throughout his 78-day trip, Chris […]

Putting all of her heart into rugged sports before ‘American Ninja Warrior’ tryout

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS American Ninja Warrior, you’ve been warned: Molly Hemphill is coming after you again. She’s extremely fit, courageous and indomitable, a zealous rock climber eager to take on the NBC show’s rugged obstacle course that few can conquer. But Hemphill has conquered plenty already. She has […]

Climbing to the mountaintop to tell her message

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Kelly Perkins received a new heart in 1995 and could have settled into a quiet life, relishing her renewed health and extra years without a lot of excitement. But that was never the plan for her, or her husband Craig. “We wanted to do something […]

Athletes with defibrillators: Play ball!

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Athletes with implantable cardioverter defibrillators may play competitive sports, according to four-year research that confirms an earlier short-term study. An ICD is a battery-powered device placed under the skin that tracks the heart rate and delivers an electric shock when it detects an abnormal heart […]

Common artery problems as you age may be avoided or delayed, study shows

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Potentially dangerous artery problems considered common as people age may actually be avoided or delayed well into the senior years, according to new research. The risk for high blood pressure and increased blood vessel stiffness, which both increase the risk of heart disease, may be […]

Medicare to cover simpler, less costly treatment for peripheral artery disease

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Medicare will now cover supervised exercise therapy for a vascular condition that affects about 8.5 million Americans, according to a decision issued Thursday by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. The long-awaited decision means other insurers will likely follow suit. Medicare will cover the […]

Bariatric surgery shrinks heart failure risk in severely obese

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Weight-loss surgery cut the long-term risk of heart failure by more than half in obese patients without a history of heart disease or stroke, a new study shows. It was a dramatic finding even the researchers hadn’t expected. “We were surprised,” said Peter N. Benotti, […]

Promising athlete to heart patient … back to promising athlete

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS DENTON, Texas – With a highlight-reel sliding catch, centerfielder Camden Thrailkill sealed Denton Guyer’s victory 8-7 over Lewisville. In the stands, his parents could only marvel. “You’d never have expected this,” said Rik, his dad. “Just to see him out there competing, and the joy […]

Cardiac rehabilitation helps survivors deal with the aftermath of a heart attack

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS After her heart attack, Michelle Robinson regularly feared she was going to die. She had had a small artery that was 80 to 90 percent blocked that her doctor thought was best to treat through medication and a heart-healthy diet rather than surgery. She was […]

Trump signs spending bill that gives National Institutes of Health a boost

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS The National Institutes of Health came out on top once again with an increase in federal funding for the rest of this fiscal year, but the completed spending bill made cuts in initiatives that support prevention. The bill, signed into law on Friday by President […]

Study: Nearly 20 percent with high heart attack risk don’t think they need to improve their health

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Nearly one in five people with the highest heart attack risk don’t believe they need to improve their health, according to a Canadian study. Among 45,443 adults participating in the 2011-12 Canadian Community Health Survey, 17.7 percent at greatest risk (five or more risk factors) […]

Florida children take steps intended to last a lifetime

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS TAMPA, Florida – Barbie Monty’s fifth-grade class at Carrollwood Day School is organizing a half-hour health walk on Friday, but the steps are intended to last a lifetime. “We’re going to encourage kids to try to stay healthy,” said Demir Dikmen, one of the students. […]

90-year-old volunteer raises more than $5 million for AHA

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Bob Clark usually works out at the gym, but on Saturday he got his steps in at the American Heart Association’s Central Iowa Heart Walk. The event — and the fundraising that goes along with it — are nothing new for the West Des Moines […]

She changed her life after high blood pressure crisis

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Taunya Stewart woke up feeling strangely hot. Her body felt taut, as though she would pop if someone were to touch her. “My first thought was, ‘Oh my god, I’m having a heart attack’,” she said. Stewart called her mom to take her to the […]

Making healthy changes become lifelong habits

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS The threat of going on insulin to control her Type 2 diabetes was what finally pushed Amy Magan to make the drastic diet changes that have allowed her to take control of her health. But it was the community of the American Heart Association’s Go […]

The science of fitness — from a very fit scientist

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Noted researcher Dr. Paul Arciero has devoted his career to helping people get more active and eat more natural, healthier foods. Naturally, it all started in the dirt of a community garden. “Some of my fondest childhood memories come from tending that garden with my […]

Study: Healthiest employees cost companies half the healthcare costs

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS The healthiest employees of Baptist Health South Florida incurred thousands of dollars less in healthcare costs and were less likely to be hospitalized or visit an emergency department than employees with moderate or poor health, according to a recent study. The study offers a compelling […]

Many heart patients aren’t prescribed cardiac rehabilitation, despite benefits

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Cardiac rehabilitation programs can boost independence and quality of life for older adults, especially after hospitalization for heart disease, but it’s not always prescribed, according to a scientific statement published Thursday by the American Heart Association. Cardiac rehabilitation provides exercise training, advice for handling stress […]

Pokémon Go may help you take steps toward better health

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS PORTLAND, Oregon — You may be taking steps — literally — in the right direction for your health by playing the ubiquitous, popular Pokémon Go. In a study presented Wednesday at the American Heart Association’s Epidemiology and Prevention/Lifestyle and Cardiometabolic Health 2017 Scientific Sessions, the smartphone […]

Exercise can significantly improve brain function after stroke

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS HOUSTON — Structured exercise training can significantly improve brain function in stroke survivors, according to research presented Wednesday at the American Stroke Association’s International Stroke Conference 2017. In a meta-analysis of 13 intervention trials that included 735 participants, researchers found that structured physical activity training […]

Laila Ali champions healthier living to fight heart disease in women

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS A decade removed from her championship boxing career, Laila Ali is back in the ring. Only now she’s using her passion and dedication to take on a much more formidable foe: heart disease. Just as she did in her boxing career – and just as […]

Regular exercise may reduce African-Americans’ risk of high blood pressure

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Regular moderate to vigorous exercise such as swimming, biking or even brisk walks can lower the risk of high blood pressure in African-Americans, according to a new study. African-Americans are more likely to have high blood pressure than other racial groups in the United States. Among […]

Birth of grandchild spurs heart disease survivor to get fit

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS A cardiac arrest nearly killed Anali Diaz, but it was the news that she was going to become a grandmother that spurred her to get serious about her health. For years, Diaz, who lives in Clearwater, Florida, constantly felt exhausted, but figured that was just […]

The funny bone is connected to the … everything

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Some witty women hope tickling your funny bone will get you to pay attention to the rest of your body. The plan comes from digital media company WhoHaha, whose new series of videos on nutrition, self-care and exercise is aimed at getting folks to take […]

Blacks, Hispanics less likely to control high blood pressure

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Blacks and Hispanics are less likely than whites to control their high blood pressure, according to a new study. Researchers looked at data of 8,796 adults with high blood pressure in the 2003-12 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. Participants were considered to have high […]

Expert tips for following your 2017 healthy-eating resolutions

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS It’s always good idea to take charge of your health, but there’s no time like the New Year. To help you get started in 2017, several dietitians and health experts are offering up fresh approaches to keeping those resolutions. “You’ve had time to think about who […]

AHA names top 10 heart, stroke research advances of 2016

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Mutations that influence coronary heart disease. Clot-retrieving strategies for strokes. Healthy lifestyle techniques to outsmart genetic fate. All of this – and more – was part of the groundbreaking work from heart disease and stroke researchers published this past year. The American Heart Association, one […]

Motivation and inspiration through Go Red Get Fit

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Joyce Moore lost her dad to heart disease and vowed to spare her daughters from the pain she experienced. But it wasn’t until she decided to get healthy for herself, rather than others, that she was able to make significant change. Moore, who lives in […]

Making changes to prevent a second heart attack

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Julie Kubala went to the hospital last year thinking her flu had progressed to pneumonia. It hadn’t. She was having a heart attack caused by a significant blockage found in her left anterior descending aorta. Kubala, 48, required a stent and months of constant attention […]

Two years after stroke, running is a way to health

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Merideth Gilmor knows what it’s like to train hard, perhaps even more than some of the professional athletes she handles publicity for. Exactly a year to the date she suffered a debilitating stroke that nearly killed her, Gilmor completed her first marathon, running 26.2-miles around […]

Recreational, commuter biking linked to lower cardiovascular disease risk

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS People who bike regularly for pleasure or to commute have a lower risk of cardiovascular disease, according to two studies. In a study of 45,000 Danish adults published in the American Heart Association journal Circulation: Those who regularly biked for recreation or to commute had […]

Deaf stroke survivor races to health

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Tim Leary often finds himself face-down in mud below wires with electrical currents, pulling himself up a wall or jumping off platforms. But even when the athlete competes in obstacle course races like the Spartan, Warrior Dash and Tough Mudder, he can’t hear the competition, […]

Mountain bike racer learns the dangers of deep vein thrombosis

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS As an aspiring Olympian in his 20s and an amateur mountain bike racer in his 50s, Sam Osborne closely tracked his physical performance. But after a blood clot in his leg led to a life-threatening pulmonary embolism in August, he realized he had a lot […]

Voices for Healthy Kids: Three years, 66 million lives

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS The Voices for Healthy Kids advocacy initiative released a progress report on Thursday saying the organization’s work has impacted more than 66 million lives over three years. The report details the work of coalitions of grassroots advocates and organizations throughout the country working on issues […]

Anger, heavy physical exertion may cause heart attack

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Here’s another reason to keep your emotions and physical activities in check: You may trigger a heart attack. In a large international study published Monday in the American Heart Association journal Circulation: Angry/emotionally upset participants had more than twice the risk of the onset of […]

U.S. Paralympic cyclist and stroke survivor encourages cycling to improve heart and brain health

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Just days after being honored at the White House, U.S. Paralympic cyclist and stroke survivor Billy Lister was back on a bike in Denver, encouraging people to improve their heart and brain health through cycling. Lister spoke Sunday at a local CycleNation event, part of […]

NFL PLAY 60 app adds virtual race, prizes

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS The American Heart Association and NFL on Thursday released an updated version of the NFL PLAY 60 app, which now includes a virtual race to Super Bowl LI in Houston and new rewards for daily play from the iTunes App Store and Google Play. In […]

AHA, Aramark team up for global volunteer day

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS The American Heart Association is joining Aramark in the company’s annual global day of service, a day when thousands of Aramark chefs, nutritionists and dietitians volunteer at community centers and nonprofits in 15 countries. On Tuesday, Aramark employees will bring health and wellness programs to […]

Peripheral artery disease affects Larry Sadwin’s life, along with 8.5 million Americans

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Larry Sadwin’s legs hurt whenever he exercises, a symptom of restricted blood vessels. But he’s finding a way to manage his condition. Sadwin, a retired businessman and philanthropist from Warren, Rhode Island, is one of 8.5 million Americans with peripheral artery disease, a condition that causes […]

Exercising can help you keep medical costs down

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION You may have lower annual medical costs by exercising at recommended levels weekly, according to a study released Wednesday. It’s known that regular moderate exercise can reduce risk of heart disease, stroke and chronic conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure. The study’s findings also […]

Obesity lower in four states, remains high among minorities in national report

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS For the first time in a decade, some states have lowered obesity rates. Decreases occurred in Minnesota, Montana, New York and Ohio, according to an analysis of U.S. data that was released in the “The State of Obesity” report issued annually by the Robert Wood […]

First Lady, Nick Offerman star in new health-themed Funny or Die video

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS The National Foundation on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition and Funny or Die on Wednesday launched a new video starring First Lady Michelle Obama, actor-comedian Nick Offerman and actress Megan Mullally detailing the evolution of exercise trends during the past six decades. The video, called “History […]

AHA Ambassador learned of congenital heart defect as a teen

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Mark Ridder was only a 14 when he took a routine physical before entering high school and learned he had a pronounced heart murmur. He had always struggled as a child to keep up while running and playing with his brother and cousins, and that […]

Common food additive may increase blood pressure

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Eating foods with too much phosphate, a common food and beverage additive, increased blood pressure in rats, particularly during exercise, a recent study showed. It’s a finding that if confirmed would support the Food and Drug Administration including the amount of added phosphate on food […]

Adults who develop asthma may have higher risk of heart disease, stroke

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS People who develop asthma as adults may be at greater risk of developing heart disease and having a stroke, according to new research. “Though it’s usually not recognized as such, there are several different types of asthma, each with some unique features,” said Matthew C. […]

Study: After Berkeley, California, tax, sugary drink consumption is down

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS After adopting the country’s first tax on sugary drinks, consumers in Berkeley, California, are drinking 21 percent less of these beverages, according to a new study released Tuesday. At the same time, consumption of water in the city increased by 63 percent, compared with a […]

For kids, ideal heart health explained in new statement

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS The road to cardiovascular disease begins in childhood, and it’s a road many American children are on, based on a new report from the American Heart Association that indicates very few kids meet all the criteria for ideal heart health. Many are overweight or obese. […]

‘Queen of Hearts’ aims to inspire

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Christine Rekash thought she was prepared for open-heart surgery to repair a failing mitral valve, but several complications following her procedure made her realize that she had to take one step at a time. Rekash first learned she had a congenital heart condition in 2000, […]

91-year-old runner back on track after cardiac surgery

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Tony Taddeo and cardiac surgeon Michael Mack are not a typical pair of running buddies. One is a 91-year-old with a new aortic heart valve, and the other is the doctor  who arranged the surgery and supervised the treatment that got the nonagenarian jogger back […]

Policymakers put money toward initiatives that should encourage healthy habits

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS City leaders and policymakers around the nation are getting behind measures meant to encourage healthier habits. In New York City, millions have been earmarked to beef up physical education in public schools. In Massachusetts, policymakers have funded improvements to encourage an active transportation lifestyle. And […]

NCAA reminding trainers, coaches to use cardiac arrest checklist

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Summer school classrooms are humming with activity on college campuses across the nation and soon, so will sports fields full of student athletes returning for training camps and practices. But before they do, the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s top medical chief is reminding head athletic […]

Moderate physical activity lowers heart disease risk in young women

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Women under age 50 who do moderate physical activity can lower their risk of coronary heart disease, according to a new study. Among women ages 27-44 at the start of the study, researchers found: Women with the highest level of leisure time physical activity had […]

Indoor cycling events popping up around the country

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS A series of indoor cycling events hosted by CycleBar across the country on Saturday are scheduled to get people active on two wheels while raising funds to fight stroke and heart disease. The events help kick off CycleNation, a new American Heart Association and American […]

Pokémon Go brings video games outside

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Pokémon Go is getting players physically moving in the real world, a change from the stereotypical stationary screen time usually associated with gaming. The app works by allowing GPS to track the gamer’s location, which in turn moves the player’s avatar the same distance on […]

Patients’ stem cells may help treat chest pain

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS PHOENIX, Arizona — Your stem cells may one day treat chest pain. A non-surgical treatment that uses patients’ bone marrow stem cells improved chest pain symptoms and the level and length of time patients could be physically active, in preliminary research presented today at the […]

Midlife fitness linked to lower stroke risk later in life

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS The more fit you are in midlife, the less likely you are to have a stroke after age 65, according to new research in the American Heart Association journal Stroke. “We all hear that exercise is good for you, but many people still don’t do […]

Cardiac arrest survivor’s Appalachian trek continues

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Dustin Hadley is more than one-quarter through the hike of his life — one that’s taking him the length of the Appalachian Trail. His gear goes beyond the usual camping provisions. Hadley has an ICD, or implantable cardioverter defibrillator, which works as a pacemaker and […]

Breakaway From Heart Disease with Joe Montana

Football Hall of Famer Joe Montana encourages others to cycle for heart health

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS For Joe Montana and his teammates, hopping on a bike wasn’t always a good thing. Pedaling on the sidelines often signaled a problem, with the player trying to stay loose, avoid cramps, or keep warm. Not anymore. “These bikes are good for you,” the Hall […]

Colten Romines

Colten Romines’ heart is special in two ways — through a congenital defect and his philanthropy

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Colten Romines has a special heart, and it’s not just because he was born with a complex congenital heart defect. The 11-year-old is passionate about raising money and awareness about heart disease, and he helped his school land at the top of fundraising among middle […]

Man riding bike

CycleNation to offer biking options to improve heart health

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Newly created CycleNation is offering different events across the nation to encourage people to get off their sofas and on to their bicycles. CycleNation, sponsored by Amgen Cardiovascular and CycleBar, encourages people to use road bikes, stationary bikes and community indoor cycling classes to get […]

Photo of man sitting while watching television

Researchers may have discovered how sitting too much leads to heart disease

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Sitting for too long is associated with more calcium deposits in the heart arteries, according to a study by cardiologists at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. Previous research has shown that excessive sitting can reduce cardio fitness and increase the risk of heart disease […]

Jane Canale honors her brother Bruce

A sister works through her anger and grief by taking action

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS When Jane Canale’s brother died of a heart attack two years ago, she went into a tailspin. Bruce Hamilton was just 55-years-old. His death was sudden and Canale’s grief was raw. “I spent a long time wallowing in it,” said Canale of Schenectady, New York. […]

Shellie Pfohl, Executive Director of the President's Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition

National Physical Activity Plan aims to get Americans moving again

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS WASHINGTON, D.C. — A coalition of health groups known as the National Physical Activity Plan Alliance on Wednesday released a roadmap of actions to support and encourage regular physical activity among all Americans. “A century ago it was infectious diseases that were killing us,” said […]

Photo of Dustin Hadley

Runner who collapsed at finish line lives to race again and hike the Appalachian Trail

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Dustin Hadley plans to start hiking the nearly 2,200 miles of the Appalachian Trail right after he tackles the race at which he collapsed at the finish line six years ago. If Hadley makes it the entire length of the trail from Springer Mountain, Georgia, […]

Many states allow PE substitutes or for students to opt out altogether

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Although most states in the country require schools to teach physical education, very few set a minimum time requirement and many allow students to either substitute other activities for PE classes or opt out altogether, according to a new report that examined physical education policies […]

Good heart health may also help prevent kidney disease

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Achieving ideal heart health may also help prevent chronic kidney disease, according to new research in the Journal of the American Heart Association. The study was the first to show that for people who are generally healthy, a higher number of ideal Life’s Simple 7 health factors […]

Don’t just sit there. Take a walk.

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Experts say that sitting is one of the biggest factors contributing to obesity and heart disease, so people need to get up and get moving. It can lower your risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes as much as running can, according to […]

Irregular heartbeat may affect physical performance in older adults

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS   An irregular heartbeat can affect more than your heart. Atrial fibrillation — the most common type of irregular heartbeat — also accelerates age-related declines in walking speed, strength, balance and other aspects of physical performance, according to new research in the American Heart Association journal […]

Super athlete sidelined by dangerous heart problem

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Workout queen Kristy Sidlar was doing what made her happy on her 31st birthday. She was training for a triathlon, biking up a hillside in northern California on her way to the gym to swim some laps. “I was super athletic, kind of to the […]

Star Jones credits cardiac rehab with getting her life back

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS When television personality Star Jones prepared for heart surgery, she knew she had a lot more life to live. Embarking on post-surgery cardiac rehabilitation proved crucial in her successful recovery. “There’s no question that preventive open-heart surgery saved my life. But there is also no […]

County health rankings reveal rural-urban divide in premature death rates

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Rural counties nationwide are grappling with a higher rate of premature deaths and other measures of poor health than urban counterparts, according to the seventh annual County Health Rankings and Roadmaps report released Wednesday by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and University of Wisconsin Population […]

Photo of Manny Rodriguez

Heart attack survivor learns value of managing stress

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS It had been another stressful day for Manny Rodriguez. Hoping the pressure in his chest and shortness of breath would subside, he rested on the couch after putting his daughters, Maritza and Sofia, to bed on that August night in 2014. That’s when he felt […]

Chinese exercises may improve cardiovascular health

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Traditional Chinese exercises such as Tai Chi may improve the health and well-being of those living with heart disease, high blood pressure or stroke, according to new research published in the Journal of the American Heart Association. “Traditional Chinese exercises are a low-risk, promising intervention […]

Latin dancing puts pep in the step of older Latinos

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Lea en español For Rosa Rodriguez, taking care of her ailing father was taking a toll. He required hands-on care, and she rarely left the house. Rodriguez didn’t exercise and spent her free time watching television. Her health was suffering: She was depressed and her […]