Donna Shalala, 74, a former cabinet secretary under President Bill Clinton and currently chief executive and president of the Clinton Foundation, has had a stroke.

Shalala was with colleagues Tuesday evening when the stroke occurred, following a meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative, the foundation’s spinoff organization that seeks solutions to international problems. The meeting began Saturday in New York.

She was taken to the hospital, according to a statement from Clinton and his daughter, Chelsea Clinton. “Fortunately, she was with colleagues at the time. Initial reports are very encouraging,” according to the Clintons.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with Donna Shalala, who has been a longtime friend of the American Heart Association and a devoted partner in our efforts to improve the health of our nation,” said AHA Chief Executive Officer Nancy Brown.

The AHA and the Clinton Foundation have collaborated for years on reducing childhood obesity in the United States. In 2005, the organizations formed the Alliance for a Healthier Generation to inspire young people to develop healthy habits for life. The Alliance works to positively affect all the places that can make a difference in a child’s health including homes, schools, doctors’ offices and communities.

Shalala assumed leadership of the Clinton Foundation this year. Prior to that she served eight years as Health and Human Services secretary and then became president of the University of Miami, chancellor of the University of Wisconsin and president of Hunter College in New York.

Photo courtesy of the Clinton Foundation