Research advances listed in order of publication on Heart.org:


averyPhoto CVGPS research aims to improve common blood pressure medication
Anyone taking a common blood pressure drug should be interested in Christy Avery’s scientific research. She’s studying how these and other common prescription medications interact with genes.


colejohnheadsmall (3) CVGPS researcher aims to help prevent and treat stroke with plumbing fix
John Cole, M.D., and his team are looking for the genetic variants that cause ischemic stroke for men and women across all ethnicities.


Cheng, Susan MD Smothering the fires within
Chronic inflammation can lead to a dangerous domino effect — and researcher Susan Cheng wants to know why.


Donna Arnett Cracking the genetic code on heart problems in African-Americans
Donna Arnett and her research team are trying to crack the genetic code on heart problems in African-Americans.


ramy arnaout 2 Harnessing the immune system to prevent heart disease
Ramy Arnaout is studying the link between antibodies, cardiovascular diseases and aging.


1130-Feature-CVGPS-Simin Liu_TOH How food and genes interact to influence heart disease
Dr. Simin Liu is investigating how dietary factors may interact with a person’s genome to contribute to heart disease and Type 2 diabetes.


1218-Feature-CVGPS-George OConnor_TOH The search for how smoking leaves its genetic mark
By studying how smoking affects genes, Dr. George O’Connor hopes to find new ways to prevent heart disease and stroke in people exposed to tobacco.


1221-Feature-CVGPS Marc Vidal_TOH How do genes, environment interact to cause heart disease?
Dr. Marc Vidal’s team hopes to identify genes and pathways that can serve as potential drug targets to treat and prevent heart disease.