This is a series about Cardiovascular Genome-Phenome Study Discovery grants awarded by the American Heart Association to speed personalized treatments and prevention for heart disease.

New research could predict heart failure
Dr. Sanjiv Shah’s new research could help predict which patients with high blood pressure will develop heart failure.

New research could prevent sudden death in kids
Drs. Brian Delisle and Michael Murray’s research could predict who gets hit with a hereditary heart disorder.

New research could help predict future heart attacks and strokes
Dr. Xue-Qiao Zhao is investigating the function “good” HDL cholesterol plays in predicting recurrent heart attacks and strokes.

Heart disease constructed from a mysterious mixture of traits
Dr. Ron Do is looking for the link between heart disease and the traits that make people who they are.

Heart attack, stroke prevention is a cleaning problem
Dr. Anand Rohatgi wants to improve how arteries get rid of cholesterol.

Gene culprits could speed heart failure treatment, prevention?
Dr. David Kao is searching for the genes responsible for heart failure.

New study probes why heart disease differs by sex
The risks for heart disease differ in men and women. Dr. Dhananjay Vaidya is searching for the genetic reasons.

Clues to heart failure could lie in the blood
Dr. Nancy Sweitzer hopes to find out why some people with heart failure do better than others.