Hi! I’m Danielle, a 22-year-old young professional living in the green mountains of Vermont. After graduating college in May 2011 – moving half way across the country – and starting an entry level job, I quickly found the “real world” is more expensive than I thought. After paying $9,000 a year just in rent, adding utilities, car expenses, food and trying to save, I soon found myself struggling to lead a healthy lifestyle. What I learned is while it may be hard, it’s not impossible!

In this series, I’ll be blogging about my experiences and sharing tips to living a healthy life on a budget. I’ll share eating tips, exercising on a budget, utilizing free heart-healthy resources, and give you ways to keep your mind & body stress free. My posts are meant to be interactive. I would love to hear your tips and ideas as well! Okay, let’s get started!

Tip #1: Drink Water

While this may be common sense, we often forget about the importance of drinking water. It’s important for our bodies to stay hydrated, especially while exercising. Cutting out soft drinks is not only healthier, but easier on your budget. Vitamin Water Zero is also a great choice, and is low on sugar. Don’t forget, tap water is FREE!

Tip #2: Buy frozen fruits and vegetables

If you are like me, buying fresh fruits & veggies often leads to them going bad before I can wash and eat them. Buying frozen foods is often cheaper, and they last longer. One trick I’ve found is to freeze grapes. Once they are cleaned, seal them in a bag, and grab a handful for snacks. They are crunchy and refreshing, especially when it’s warm outside!

Next week I’ll blog about fun & inexpensive outdoor activities to get your heart racing!

~Danielle K.

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