Basketball hoop

Jeff Logan and his mother, Pat, were huge basketball fans and took filling out their March Madness tournament brackets very seriously. In fact, their “bracket-ology” was something to be envied and was a keen pastime that brought mom and son closer together.

“We always enjoyed watching and analyzing sports anyway, so it was no surprise that our bracket selection was a serious process,” said Logan. “We were careful and deliberate as we worked our way around the conferences and the country.”

After thinking long and hard about their bracket choices, Logan entered their picks online, not knowing that the tournament would be the last brackets they shared.

“Mom passed away the day the Sweet 16 began to play,” he said.

She died in 2009 from complications associated with her aortic dissection surgery. After spending five months in the hospital and in rehab, Pat was cleared to return home, just in time to celebrate her 47th wedding anniversary.  Even though she was released from the hospital, her doctor warned the family that she wasn’t fully out of the woods and was still highly susceptible to infection.  She died of septicemia and MRSA with the men’s tournament on in the background.

Wanting to keep his mother’s memory alive, Logan started Pat’s Picks in 2010. The grassroots movement gives back to the American Heart Association in her honor, last year donating $1,000 to the Go Red For Women program.

“Donating to Go Red For Women helps raise awareness that heart disease is still the No. 1 killer of women in this country,” Logan said.