12:30 AM – Blood transfusion to bring up oxygen saturation levels

7:30 AM – Surgery starts

9:40 AM – The team of surgeons have begun the surgery and successfully put Blake on the bypass machine.

12:30 PM – Dr. Fraser completed the first step of the bi-directional Glenn. He finished oversewing the pulmonary artery and was creating the shunt by making an incision in the pulmonary artery and connecting it to the superior vena cava. The nurse said Blake is doing well and we heard from another nurse that the oxygen saturation in his brain has remained good while he’s been on bypass.

2:40 PM – Blake is out of surgery, and everything was a huge success! Dr. Fraser was very pleased with how well everything went, and in fact they never had to stop his heart from beating when he was on bypass. He had no problems with bleeding this time either.

Recovery from the Glenn was remarkably easy; he was extubated and eating his first solids one day after surgery. Six days post surgery we were released to go home.  The most difficult part of this recovery is that the children have more blood going to their brain than they ever have in the past that cause severe headaches.  Luckily, Blake was never shy about telling us when he was in pain, and we were able to control his discomfort with Tylenol.