What’s green and healthy and fresh all over?

If you like the answer — avocado — a contest pitting avocado aficionados against each other might be appealing.

The American Heart Association and Fresh Avocados – Love One Today are searching for easy, healthy and original avocado recipes in three categories: appetizers, entrées and desserts/smoothies.

A first, second and third place winner will be awarded in each category of the Take Avocado to Heart recipe contest. Winners will receive up to $1,000 and have their recipe published on the AHA’s online recipe hub. Judging will be based on originality, ease of preparation and alignment with the AHA’s nutrition criteria.

Research shows that eating one avocado a day as part of a heart-healthy diet can help improve bad cholesterol levels in overweight and obese people.

Participants can submit their recipe through Feb. 27. Winners will be announced March 29.