Each year, more than 400,000 children and adults experience a cardiac arrest outside the hospital. Only 10 percent survive. Oftentimes, the Emergency Medical Service (EMS) professionals arriving at the scene are the first to provide quality patient care to these victims. These healthcare professionals on the frontlines need training tools and materials tailored to serve them in the unique environments they encounter patients. That’s why the American Heart Association created its new course, Basic Life Support for Prehospital Providers (BLS for PHP), to help EMS professionals provide better patient care.

The BLS for PHP course is the first training program from the American Heart Association specifically designed to meet the new National EMS Education Standards and training needs of prehospital providers. The blended learning course, with both online and classroom portions, improves the learning experience by providing greater flexibility, while still ensuring hands-on instruction proven to enhance performance and outcomes in the field.

“The American Heart Association’s new course includes high-performance team CPR training designed to help increase survival from cardiac arrest. It features a variety of interactive, real-world scenarios EMS professionals encounter in the field every day,” said Mark Terry, MPA, NREMT-P, deputy chief of Johnson County Med-Act. “Advanced training for EMS professionals is a primary key to starting the chain of survival and achieving good patient outcomes through the delivery of high-quality CPR and strong basic life skills.”

The training course with customizable components for adaptive learning will prepare prehospital providers with the ability to recognize several life-threatening emergencies, provide one- or two-rescuer or team CPR and use an AED for cardiac arrest in adults, children and infants, and relieve choking. Each state or local agency can customize the course to ensure EMS professionals get the resuscitation training they need in a way that incorporates their local protocols. While tailored for prehospital providers, this course covers the same objectives as BLS for Healthcare Providers. Successful completion results in a BLS for Healthcare Providers course completion card. BLS for Prehospital Providers is for prehospital, emergency care professionals including emergency medical technicians, police officers, firefighters, paramedics and advanced EMTs.

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