Photo of Eva Dover

A World War II survivor, Eva Dover and her husband fled their home in Hungary to escape the Russian invasion. They moved from country to country before settling in the United States.

Even so, that wasn’t the scariest time in her life. Her worst fear was how to provide for her son, Peter, after she is gone. Peter is a disabled adult. He receives Social Security benefits and lives in a subsidized home with three other adult men.

“My son is alone,” said Dover, whose husband died after 51 years of marriage. “I became worried about what will happen after I pass away; I’m his only living relative in this country.”

Dover attended a business seminar at her senior center that was given by the American Heart Association on “planned giving.” During the seminar, she learned about charitable gift annuities – a contract that guarantees income for life in exchange for a nonprofit charitable gift.

“I thought, maybe I could establish a charitable gift annuity that would benefit him for his lifetime, while not interfering with his Social Security benefits,” she said. “It gave me peace of mind knowing that he will have at least a little additional money every month that no one can take away from him.”

Dover receives the monthly income from her annuity during her own lifetime. It will then automatically transfer to her son for the rest of his life.

“My main motive was to take care of my son,” she said. “I tried to find a good trustee who could help, but I couldn’t find someone whom I trusted.  I had never thought about this before, and sometimes you have a thought coming from God. When I was sitting in that seminar, it hit me that a few hundred a month would really help my son.”

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